Restaurant Business Profit Margin

There is hardly anyone who does not dream for financial freedom and peace of mind. Financial freedom refers to the state where you have more money that you require to fulfill you desires and that too along with having a freedom to choose when, how much and from where to work. This sounds like a world of dream but it really exists. You will not believe it unless you experience it yourself. Are you ready to give yourself a chance to reach your dream state of financial independence?

Have you ever thought about getting into business where you can earn more than 100% profit? Does this even sound realistic to you? The answer would be a big “NO”. Believe me this is true. Take an example of any product you use in your daily life, may be a necessity or a lifestyle or luxury product. Have you ever thought what would be its cost to the manufacturer? It would be actually less than 50% of the MRP (Maximum Retail Price). Where does all the profit go if the balance sheets of the manufacturers don’t show it? It is shared by the distributors, stockiest, retailers, marketers etc etc etc. All these parties who share the profits are called intermediaries. Had they not been there the manufacturer or the retailer would have enjoyed the entire chunk of the profits.

So the entire idea of enjoying higher profit margins gets shattered because the manufacturer needs to take the help of these intermediaries. But there are few products that can escape this entire chain and still get sold in the market at the same price. What we need to do is sit and identify these products, and crack a deal with the manufacturer about selling his products directly to the end user. It will be a win-win situation for both you and the manufacturer. There are companies who have encourage direct selling of their products as it increases their profit margins as well. The are keen to tie-up with enthusiastic and hardworking people with dream of achieving financial independence. This helps them to reach the end users without falling into the entire process of appointing and maintaining mediators for selling their products.

This work only requires your desire for attaining your financial independence and becoming your own boss. This gives you an independence and opportunity of making unlimited earnings with limited responsibilities and pressure. This model works great with work from home concept, so this is a dream profession for all those who wish to attain their financial freedom.

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